To keep up to date with Erne Paddlers news and events there are a few options:

Message Board

The Message Board is our primary means of communication and we ask that you check it first to find out what's happening, register your interest on a course, ask a question or just post some paddling related photos or banter!

The Message Board has the major advantage of registered users being able to "subscribe" to the specific sections they are interested in. For example if you want an email notification of all club meets and trips you can login, click on the "Club Meets and Trips" section, scroll to the bottom and click on "Subscribe forum" on the light blue bar.

We ask that all members "subscribe " to the relevant MB sections as the easiest way for us to let you know what's happening on weekly basis.

This will change to "unsubscribe forum" if you are successful. Now every time there's a post in this section about a new club session or trip you will get an email notification.

(Please note that you won't receive another notification email about a new post under the same subject until you have logged in to the Message Board again.)

This means you can choose the updates you are interested in, meets, racing, polo, etc and ignore the ones you don't need to see.

If you have any problem with this please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing "web at ernepaddlers dot org dot uk" or give me a call on 077 207 148 73

Email List

We send out emails with important news to our members and anyone else who has registered on the list (link below). We aim to keep these emails infrequent and as relevant as possible to avoid cluttering your inbox. Please subscribe to the relevant Message Board sections (as above) to get all the info on upcoming club sessions, etc.

To recieve an email update, sign up to our email list by clicking the link below (Unsubscribing is just as easy).

Erne Paddlers email subscription service


For all you Facebook fans we have a FB page,

We use the FB page to promote the club and events. You don't have to be a FB member to see the content but if you are, please "like" the page to see our notifications in your stream and feel free to "share" to help us spread the message. Again, not everything goes on up on Facebook so don't forget to subscribe to the Message Board as above.


If you use a feedreader (e.g. google reader) or get RSS feeds in your email you can subscribe to Erne Paddlers in a number of ways (see below).

For more info on how to use this great way to keep up to date with websites and blogs go here:

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Contact us here:

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