Time Trial 2014


Erne paddlers are holding the Irish time trial championships on Sunday 12th January 2014 (5km) and Sunday 2nd March 2014 (10km).

The first race will be the 5km Irish championship and 3 races will be held over the day to allow for boat sharing. The classes to be raced will be Senior, Master, Intermediate (paddlers from div3 and div4), novice (paddlers who have NOT won a marathon race) and Junior.

RACE 1, 11 am. Senior K1. Junior K4. Inter K2. Masters K2 . Novice K1. Canadian Single C1. Masters GP. Single sea Kayak/

Race 2, 1pm. Senior K2. Junior K2. Masters K4. Inter K1. Junior GP. Canadian Double C2. Double Sea Kayak.

Race 3, 3pm. Senior K4. Junior K1. Masters K1. Inter K1. Novice K2. Open GP. Canadian Treble

There will be a 15 to 20 seconds delay between paddlers and wash hanging is not allowed.

There may be provision for crews to share boats in the same race.

In the Junior category will be J18, J16 and J14.

Medals will be awarded 1st to 3rd if 3 or more entries in each category.

Entry Fee Junior £5 and senior £10 per person per race. Any person entering all 3 races will pay a maximum entry fee of junior £10 and Senior £20.

Irish Marathon rules apply in relation to boat types.

Please send your entries by Wed 8th January to gerrymurphy45@gmail.com . Entries should contain the following information.

Name of paddler. Club. Race number 1,2 or 3. Class entered.

The 10km Time trial will be held on Sunday 2nd March 2014 and we would like feed back from paddlers as wether to hold 1 race or 2 races on the day and what classes and categories to cater for.

Please contact Gerry Murphy if anyone need further on 07759836893 or gerrymurphy45@gmail.com.